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1Herbal health benefits Empty Herbal health benefits on Mon Sep 26, 2011 3:37 pm


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Before antibiotics, before there was a chemist on every street and way before pain relief came in handy little pills, humans used the natural environment around them to help cure all sorts of ailments. Perhaps the best known is traditional Chinese medicine, which has been used in the Far East for thousands of years and is fast becoming an accepted therapy in the western world.
A bit closer to home, there are numerous plants and herbs you can find in your local pharmacy, health food shop or even your garden, which you can use as a chemical-free way of feeling better.

Peppermint: پودینہ
More and more people are turning to peppermint tea as an alternative to high-caffeine tea and coffee. For others, the nearest they get to mint leaves is at the bottom of a mojito, but peppermint has a lot more to offer than just a refreshing beverage. It is best known for its muscle relaxing properties, which make it excellent for helping with irritable bowel syndrome and for aiding digestion, which is why it's so good at the end of a meal instead of an espresso. Peppermint has also recently been found to help treat cold sores because of its anti-viral properties; either drinks it as tea or crush up the leaves and dab on the oil to the affected area.

Perhaps the best known herbal remedy, Echinacea plants are easy to grow in your own garden at home. But if the thought of gardening is enough to bring you out in hives, it's also readily available in either tablet or tincture form in health shops, pharmacies and even some well-stocked supermarkets. During the winter months it often seems like half the office are swallowing Echinacea pills to stave off colds and flu, and there is robust scientific evidence to support its effectiveness. It has been shown to contain proteins that help protect cells against viral infections, which is why it's so good at fighting symptoms of flu. A lesser known benefit is Echinacea's ability to improve your skin, aid the healing process and reduce inflammation.

Ginger: ادرک
As a 'warming' herb, ginger offers comfort and relief when suffering from flu-like symptoms; ginger tea with a dash of honey and lemon will intercept the virus before it makes you feel even worse. A natural decongestant, ginger also has antihistamine properties so it can aid recovery as well as act like a hug in a mug. The same warming effect will also stimulate blood circulation and relax muscles around blood vessels, so some experts even claim it could help prevent the formation of blood clots. Ginger is highly regarded for its calming effect on digestive problems, especially nausea, so it's also an excellent remedy for morning sickness.

Liquorice: مليٹھي
You don't have to eat liquorice sweets to get the full benefits of the plant. Practitioners of Chinese medicine often advocate the use of liquorice to improve the efficacy of other herbs but it also has health-boosting qualities of its own. For women suffering from ovarian cysts, liquorice has been shown to decrease raised testosterone levels and increase fertility, and it also works as a soothing anti-inflammatory for anyone suffering from stomach and digestive problems.

Sage: ساج
Another all-rounder, sage is an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and has even been shown to reduce the frequency and severity of hot flushes in women going through the menopause. Because of its antiseptic properties, sage is often used in natural toothpastes, and skin creams containing the herb have been shown to be beneficial in treating bites, stings, chicken pox and shingles.

Garlic: لہسن
One of Mother Nature's best inventions, taking regular doses of garlic (raw cloves or in capsule form if you want to avoid breath that could stop a bus in its tracks) has been shown to prevent cardiovascular disease, lower high blood pressure and even aid cancer prevention by increasing the body's natural levels of (here comes the science part) glutathione transferase, a liver enzyme which clears the body of carcinogens. Finally, garlic is also anti-viral and anti-fungal, so will also help fend off infections.

Hawthorne: بیری
Any good health food shop should be well-stocked with hawthorne berries. The berries encourage the coronary arteries to open, boosting the heart's ability to pump blood around the body and lowering blood pressure. Hawthorne is also adept at treating low blood pressure by assisting weak heart muscles.

Thyme: صعر
Pick up a bag of thyme in the market and you'll be one step closer to killing off bad bacteria lurking inside your gut. One of the best natural anti-bacterials, thyme destroys the unwanted bacteria and fungal infections and has also historically been used to help treat chest infections and bronchitis.

Rosemary: اکلیل کوہستانی
Rosemary has been shown to have a stimulating effect on cognitive function, and some experts even claim it could play a role in the battle to find a cure for Alzheimer's disease. It's also good for those finding it difficult to concentrate, for stimulating memory and for fighting fatigue, stress and anxiety.

Chamomile: بابُونہ
The soporific effects of a steaming cup of chamomile tea are well known, and scientists have now pinpointed exactly why the herb is so good at sending us off to sleep. Drinking chamomile tea increases levels of the amino acid glycine in the body, which acts as a nerve relaxant and thus creates this sedative effect. Glycine also relieves muscle spasms so chamomile can also be used to dampen period pains.

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Thanks for sharing such a useful information.

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