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PPSC Member: Gentleman introduce yourself.
Me: Sir! My name is Tasawar Abbas .
My father's name is khizar Hayat.
I belong to District Mandi Bahauddin's village Bosal.
I did my Graduation from a private
college of Sargodha affiliated with The University of the Punjab.
My main subjects were English Literature and Arabic.
Then I did my Masters in English Literature . I wanted to
tell them about my uni , when the interviewer interrupted me and asked his first question that whether I did my Masters
as Private candidate or as a regular student.
I answered that I did my masters as a regular student from University of Sargodha.
Only a few of the questions they asked are still in my memory.
The first thing was why did you opt literature in graduation as well as in masters.
My answer was that I had always crush for literature
so is the reason I went for English Literature in Both graduation and masters .
Besides literature helps in grooming personality and developing critical thinking.
Then he asked about Elizabethan Era. Who was chief personality in literature in this era
and which genre flourished during this period. (This was a chain of questions).
I answered to the all.
Then he uttered words "to be or not to be" and asked who said these words and where?
I answered that these words were from Shakespeare,s Hamlet.
At this he asked about Hamlet.
Then he asked "A thing of beauty is joy forever" whose words are these?
I answered that these were the words of John keats .
He asked me suppose we were two students of F.A level
and you are a teacher explain or teach these lines and their meaning and message to us.
I gave a two minute lecture on these lines.
Then the other member asked which Shakespearian tragedy did you like .
As hamlet had been discussed , I said I like Macbeth.
He asked me what this drama is about?
I by narrating the story in brief told him about the drama and theme.
He further asked , what was tragic flaw of Macbeth.
I explained. When I had finished explaining tragic flaw , at the very moment
He, smilingly asked what was Hamartia.
I was mum for a few seconds.
Then all of a sudden my mind clicked,
I told him smilingly in the same tone the tragic flaw is called Hamartia.
Here he stopped Questions about literature and turned to the departmental questions.
This was the story of my maiden interview.

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